Tinder + Cleverbot = ?

I combined Tinder and Cleverbot for some hilarious results.

December 7, 2015

I created a Tinder Bot that combined both Tinder and Cleverbot for some hilarious results. I wanted to be as ethical as possible, so I only ran my bot manually, and I monitored every conversation. I didn't want my bot to agree to meet with someone in person, or talk to someone too long in case they got attached or something. I always unmatched them after a short conversation.

I created two different Tinder profiles for the bots, a guy and a girl. Both were around 22 years old, and their bio said that they were new in town. I found the most believably attractive photos from online to use as their profile pictures. The bot swiped right to literally everyone. The girl bot would only reply to guys who had already messaged her first. However, not enough girls were messaging the guy bot first, so he always sent the first message.

It seemed like when the girl bot wasn't making sense, the guys would say lewd things to her. However when the guy bot wasn't making sense, the girls would get irritated.

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